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Having a slack vagina is no shame and there is nothing strange about seeking measures to tighten up your vagina in any way. Honestly, if you think that it’s only you going through a concern like this- you are wrong!

Interestingly, a problem like this hits every woman as she passes by some of the very unavoidable phases in her life. These phases despite being natural affect her bodily functions in many ways and one such example is the stretching of vagina walls.

Women in general prefer being mum over the entire situation for the sake of ‘privacy’. They generally feel that it is a shame and speaking up or standing up against something like this would affect their esteem at large.

While going with the flow and adjusting with the changes at every phase in our life sounds a good idea, there is no point in settling on a change that is affecting your sexual life- or your mental peace on a whole! Trust me, ignoring it, accepting it or letting it affect you is the REAL SHAME than keeping it a hush-hush affair. Home » How Can I Make My Vagina Tighter?

This could add more to your troubles, leading to insecurities, poor confidence and trust issues with your partner.

Many factors are taken into account while we consider the causes of vaginal slacking, but out of all these potential reasons, there is nothing such as excessive sex which you and I generally assume to affect the tautness of vagina. No wonder, this is one major reason why many choose to suffer in silence than being judged by others. To say the least, the lacking of knowledge on the subject holds back many from stepping up and working for a change!

Generally, childbearing results in weakening the genital muscles owing to the continuous contraction and expansion at the time of delivery. Of course, the muscles hold the tendency to get back to its original pre-stretched state after a period, but back to back pregnancies, accompanied with age, leave a permanent impact on the vaginal muscles.

Other contributors that add to the loosening and stretching of vagina are menopause, aging, obesity and hormonal imbalance. Well, if it’s childbearing, obesity or any other condition that has loosened you down there, the good news is that, that you can resurrect your genital muscles and feel ‘desired’ again!

Do you want our help for better assistance? If yes, than what is the wait for, let’s get started!


There is no denying that leaving your partner getting up unsatisfied in bed is the worst feeling ever. I mean, who would ever like that- after all, that’s the biggest sense of confidence we women take pleasure in. But weak vaginal muscles can never create the level of friction that causes pleasure for men and hence, in a situation like this, they may end up feeling disappointed from the entire intimate encounter.

Thankfully, we are blessed with ways to restore the faded elasticity of our pelvic floor muscles- something that can bring back the suppleness needed for fulfilling sex.

So this process might be a bit patience testing (particularly with some natural ways), but with resilience and willpower, you can make yourself tighter without the need of medical procedures.

In general, as most of us know, people prefer techniques that are side effects friendly and apt for their pocket so, they generally move towards remedies that offer natural solution for such a delicate matter like this.

The solutions I am about to suggest are not only my favorite, but are also supported by some famous porn stars of all times. This depicts their efficacy for every single woman unhappy with her vagina!

So, here is the list starting from the least effective reaching to the most effective in the end!


Herbs are the common tools you will come across while seeking natural ways for a tighter vagina. There are some specific herbs that are explicitly useful for this very purpose and hence, widely added in vag tightening products.  Some of these supportive tools are:

1-    Curcuma Comosa: There are researches validating its role in the tightening and strengthening of PC muscles. No wonder, nature holds great power to facilitate us with our problems and save us from the unconventional by and large. So, you can consider the herb for some toning, rejuvenating and squeezing effects on your vaginal walls.

2-    Pueraria Mirifica: Another powerful agent we have in the category is Pueraria Mirifica. The herb too, is empowered with some commendable, vagina firming powers which you and I can never overlook. Interestingly, it has a role in the regeneration of genital cells, which serves to fix the weak and stretched out genital muscles. But that’s not all the herb does, it further supports the balancing of hormones by mimicking the effects of estrogen. Estrogen, the essential hormone bears far-fetched benefits for our overall health, particularly for the womanly assets!

3-      Natural douches: I would also like to add douches while discussing the natural routes for vaginal suppleness. But of course, my preference is the natural ones that can be made through a plethora of options like vinegar and water.  

Natural herbs are valuable species that are blessed to us by nature, however, what made me position the option as the least effective is their mild nature that takes months and months to produce some level of desirable effects. The option for you is best apt if your patience level is at the peak and you don’t mind letting the nature run its course!


When I get to hear the words healthy lifestyle, the first thing that clicks my mind is nutritious eating. Well, be it any cause, eating healthy is the roadway to a healthy living. Hence, when you decide to take initiatives for the narrowing of vaginal muscles, one thing you cannot afford to miss- dietetic intervention!

Add foods that are a rich source of phytoestrogens, fruits that are high in Vitamin C and vegetables that are green to restore the freshness of vagina you had in your earlier years.

Adhering to the aforementioned eating choices could be a bit challenging, but do you believe in ‘No pain, No gain?’ If not, start believing. 

Restoring your nutritional sanity is a great start for the health and firmness of vaginal walls. On top of that, if you mix the habit with kegel (a practice we will discuss later in our article), you will be able to make a huge jump to a compressed vagina. 

Eating healthy is advantageous to us in all the ways, it adds to our mental and physical health and has a heavy contribution in our sexual health- though, the need is to prepare yourself for consistency which is the gateway to success!


Vaginal cones may be familiar to your ears. The use of these tools is becoming common with every passing day. While you choose to go the cones way, you will get a variety of these tools to choose from. This variety tends to range from different weights and sizes, depending upon your needs and preferences. 

The practice demands the insertion of the cone for some minutes, twice every day.
Using vaginal cones is one good way to general the vaginal tightening effects, however, the consistent use for noticeable results is a must. After placing in the cone, the user needs to clench the PC muscles for it to stay in the position. 

As you start with the practice, it is recommended to begin with the lighter one. As you get familiar with the method with time, you can shift to the heavier weights. More weight means bigger results and vice versa.

The entire procedure involves training your vaginal muscles via lifting weight, something we generally do with our muscles in the gym. As we lift weight, our muscles tend to strengthen and ultimately turn firmer and firmer. The case is same with the genital muscles. 

But despite being a good practice, it is very time-taking! You might notice some results in a matter of months, which could be quite discouraging for many of the readers, learning these techniques. A boost in the results is possible; simply incorporate the technique with any of the suggested methods advised. 


Another technique worth recommending for the tapering and strengthening of your lady part is the use of Ben Wa Balls. The mechanism of Ben Wa Balls is more or less, similar to that of Vaginal Cones. That is, it also involves the training of PC muscles through the lifting of weight.

The most encouraging factor of choosing this route is the secrecy element. You just don’t need others to get involved or let anyone know what you are struggling for. Simply put in a specific ball- as per your weight preference, and let it run the course!

Post insertion, the balls require support from the vaginal muscles for positioning and holding. This involvement is done through pressing the muscles for as long as you can. Initially, it could be difficult for you grip the balls, but as you learn to control it, it will no longer feel challenging to you.

Ben Wa Balls are a great supporting tool for the strengthening and tautness purpose, but regularity and patience with the practice too, is requisite. 


Generally referred as Kegel, vaginal exercises are by and large followed around the world. These moves too, are about pressing and relaxing the PC muscles for the strengthening and tightening purpose. 

Like the previous practices, Kegel too, can be followed in private without needing any workout tools or gym environment.  

You just need to learn the internal gripping of your pelvic muscles- and you are done. Yes, simple and straight. To perform Kegel, lie down on a flat service with your legs stretched and your spine neutral. Now shift your focus on your PC muscles, the muscles that can control and hold up the flow of urine. As you manage to locate the muscles that need training, you are ready to perform Kegel.

Clasp the muscle for at least 5 seconds as you start, followed by a release for the same time period. Repeat the mini-process for at least 24 times more to complete the cycle.
But that’s not all for the day, follow the set for 6 times a day to produce the results you desire. 

Spotting the exact muscle you have to work on, could be a bit difficult in the start. But with time and practice, you can make it with ease. Kegel, as any other exercise, takes a great deal of time to spawn results, but then, the results are simply worth the wait.


We cannot skip to mention the significance of squats when we ought to list down the useful measures for a tighter vagina. So, squats are heavily recommended to women who prefer to regain their lost vaginal suppleness through exercising. It basically, has a strong impact on the genital muscles which is why; I have ranked squats at number 3. No wonder, an exercise like this can fortify and tighten up the muscles that have become slack due to any xyz reason. 

Those who are new to an exercise like this may find it a bit hard in the initial run, but getting familiar to the practice with time will help you perform it more efficiently.  
Squats hold many surprising benefits- on top of its vaginal tightening effects. It targets and blitzes the lower body muscles and is specifically ideal for the shaping of butts.  

The right way to carry out squats is by standing feet apart, maintaining a leveled gap. Keep your torso straight and your shoulders flat. Now gradually shift your lower body into a sitting position while keeping the upper posture intact. Pull yourself up after reaching the maximum lower position with the help of your toes. 

Squats, when performed in a right manner, tend to benefit most of the muscles in your body. However, it has a major impact on the PC muscles, apart from the muscles in the thigh and buttocks. More specifically, it is highly recommended for the strengthening and firming of vaginal walls. 
With squats, regularity is a must. Similar to Kegel or any other move, it takes months to show up some anticipated results, hence, be patient as natural repairing and rejuvenation takes time. 


Yoga, as you and I know, is not about a certain body part. It is a comprehensive fitness staple that is equally benefiting for your psychological as well as physical health. On top of that, few of us really know that yoga is also advantageous for the tightness and suppleness of vaginal walls. 
No wonder, it is beneficial in every way, requires no tools, and is simple to perform without the help of an instructor. However, the practice might not yield fruit for every single woman as it can turn out to be harmful for the ones who are suffering from any health or mental condition, hence, if you wish to follow any posture for the vaginal tightening purpose, but have a medical concern, I advise you to consult an expert before causing troubles for yourself.  

If you are otherwise healthy and wish to follow yoga for the firming and strengthening of vaginal muscles, the suggested poses for you are Bridge Pose and Child’s Pose. The reason for recommending these poses is the fact that they have a direct and long lasting impact on the genital muscles, which is what your main target is. Thereby, we can say that yoga can keep the vaginal muscles stronger for longer.

Of course, since the practice too, is a natural remedy, it won’t create wonders with the blink of an eye. You will have to give it time to work on your muscle and restore its youthfulness before giving up. However, if you are enthusiastic enough to bring a change at the earliest, you can mix it with other techniques like eating a balanced diet and apply a natural vaginal tightening formula. Only by then, you will be able to enjoy the tighter you at a speedier pace.


The usage of V tight gel can be integrated with any of the aforementioned seven, vaginal tightening techniques. It is one quality and genuine vaginal tightening cream that comes with the power to rejuvenate a stretched out vagina.

Honestly, it rightly deserves to be positioned at number one, owing to a plethora of reasons. For example, it is natural, which indicates that the agents that are added to create this solution are entirely organic and not synthetic in any way.

Secondly, it can produce super fast results within some moments. That’s true. Woman that have applied and tested V-tight gel have validated its speedier effects, expressing it to be highly useful in making them feel tighter again. 

Thirdly and very importantly, V-tight gel gives results that continue for years. Basically, it is a fusion of some highly powerful vag tightening elements that work together in a combination to resurrect and strengthen the vaginal walls for you to enjoy your sexual life for as longer as possible. 

The most encouraging part of using an external- yet- natural agent like V-Tight Gel is it’s ability to facilitate orgasms that are not really possible with weaker vaginal walls. Of course, when the walls tend to be weaker, penetrations fail to cause the friction that generates pleasure for you and your partner. As a result, neither of the part will leave the bed happy and satisfied. 

Through V-Tight Gel, you can address matters like these. With ingredients like Manjakani extracts and other proven rejuvenators, you can revive your boring, dull intimacy within moments. There are no side effects and there are no threats allied with the application. 

Almost every single woman that has tried V-Tight Gel has experienced a positive change, thereby, there are slight to zero chances for the product to turn ineffective for others with the similar concern. 

Follow this practice if your expectations are higher and patience levels are lower. You will never feel disappointed. Plus, if you desire to add on more results, simply follow V-tight Gel program along with Kegel. Mark my words, the results will simply blow you away.

In case you feel up for V-Tight Gel, place your order at the e-commerce website of the product. By this, you will be able to avoid all sorts of inconvenience, fraudulent and deals with higher prices. 


Being a woman myself and considering all the happy reviews I get to read about V-tight gel, I believe that this is the most convenient route you can take for such a sensitive problem like this.

For me, it’s a definite roadway to a virgin-like lady part, but of course, I also support the kegel, squats and yoga ways that are equally benefitting- but a bit time-taking.
All in all, it’s ultimately your call. You can either try any of the eight techniques or create a mix as per your preferences and needs!